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From Dr.Ben Oostdam from USA, sent on 08 September 2005 about Dafi Hotel, Plovdiv
I spent 3 days and nights in this wonderful hotel
in May, 2005, and heartily recommend it to all fellow travelers!
The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the service excellent, and their contacts with
ecotourism (Kamen)are marvelous!
From Craig Miles from England, sent on 23 March 2005 about Dafi Hotel, Plovdiv
I stayed at the Hotel at the end of January 2005 and was very impressed.

I had asked the estate agent who booked it to book a 'cheaper' hotel. The hotel Dafy was however very luxurious and in fact the best hotel I think I have stayed in. The room was air conditioned and the hotel staff were welcoming. Even the bathroom had marble tops and gold taps.

I would reccomend the hotel Dafy to anyone looking for a reasonable priced hotel( by western standards) with a high quality feel and look.

Even the breakfast was nice.
From Kevin and Mario from UK, sent on 20 March 2005 about Dafi Hotel, Plovdiv
We recentley stayed at the Dafi Hotel in Plovdiv. The Hotel was excellent, the staff were very helpful, the hotel is excellent value for money, and we would HIGHLY reccomend it to anyone. We look forward to staying there again soon.
Mario and Kevin
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