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Comments On Sankt-Peterburg Hotel    (4)

From Evgeni from Germany, sent on 29 September 2009 about Sankt-Peterburg
i lived there for three months, hotel is clean, the stuff friedly. but DON`t let money or jewellery or other expensive things in your room. my watch was been stolen by one of the cleaning ladies out of my closed bag!!!
From Aleksandar from Serbia, sent on 30 December 2005 about Sankt-Peterburg
Hotel is very nice and good. All staff is so kind. All the best.
Just adress please is incorect, or the map of Plovdiv is wrong. Ruski blvd is on the another side of river Marica
From bastianutti umberto from italia-, sent on 15 April 2005 about Sankt-Peterburg
ho vissuto per circa due anni a plovdiv e ho mandato diverse persone a dormire da voi.Si sono trvate molto bene e anche quest'anno torneranno settembre per la fiera. COMPLIMENTI.
From Kei Izawa from Japan/UK, sent on 04 August 2004 about Sankt-Peterburg
The hotel itself was very nice, although the restaurant was a bit dark and smoky. The rooms, bathrooms, lobby, elevator were all very clean.

Kei Izawa

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