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Honey Fest held in Plovdiv

Bulgaria’s second largest city of Plovdiv is the venue of the traditional Honey Fest (13 September - 22 September 2011), organized by the Acacia 1899 Apiculture Association.

The organizers announced that from the 10 000 tons of honey produced in 2010, some 8 000 have been exported.

This statistics once again proves that the honey product made in Bulgaria is of exceptionally good quality but it is not consumed widely enough within the country.

Figures show that Bulgarians consume only...

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The International Technical Fair in Plovdiv

This year the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv will be held from 26th September – 01 October.
This is the most renowned Bulgarian forum of investment goods and technologies.
The International Technical Fair presents the latest developments of the world's leading companies in machine building, automobiles, transport, information technologies, software products, electronics, electrical engineering, construction, chemistry, power engineering, ecology, etc.
This year's Partner Country of...

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Plovdiv night of museums and galleries 2011

The Plovdiv Night of Museums and Galleries will offer a concentrated experience of the visual and performing arts for the 7th consecutive year. More than fifty locations – museums, galleries, bookshops, clubs, streets and parks – will remain open to the public for the duration of 10 hours on the night of 17th September, turning Bulgaria’s second largest city into a giant art stage.

40 000 visitors and guests attended last year’s edition of the Plovdiv Night of Museums and Galleries,...

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Aviation show to mark Bulgarian aviation centenary

On the occasion of the centenary of the Bulgarian aviation, from 2 to 4 September Bulgaria’s second largest city Plovdiv is hosting an aviation show at three stages – past, present and future.

The stage of the past will include a retro parade showing the earliest aircraft used by the Bulgarian army.

At the stage of the present the Bulgarian Air Force will present its program as well as the Pilatus Group from Switzerland.

The stage of the future features demonstrations with Gripen,...

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Bulgarian town of Plovdiv boasts increase of tourist visits

The number of Bulgarian and foreign tourists, who have visited the second largest city in Bulgaria - Plovdiv, has increased significantly.

The data comes from the Tourist Informational Center in downtown Plovdiv, cited by the local daily "Maritsa."

In June 2011, there have been 300 more visitors of the Center, seeking information, compared to June 2010.

In June 2011, people from 44 different countries...

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Cultural events attract tourists in Plovdiv

Increasing of tourists number visited the cultural events and the Old town in Plovdiv.

At the first three months of 2011 more than 1 466 tourists are visited the two info centers in the town which is with 156 more than the same period in the year before.

The main interest is on the landmarks in the Old town, cultural events and the free of charge pedestrian tour started in the autumn, 2010.


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UN Chief fascinated with Bulgaria's Plovdiv Old Town

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has completed his two-day Bulgarian visit in the southern city of Plovdiv where he was amazed at the history and architecture of the Old Town.

Ban was the guest of a formal lunch given by Plovdiv District Governor Ivan Totev in his honor on behalf of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

The UN head was fascinated with the cultural heritage of Plovdiv from Antiquity to modernity such...

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Ryaniar carries out the first Milano-Plovdiv flight

As Ryaniar's first flight from Milano to the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv arrived on Saturday, its 140 passengers were welcomed with bread and salt, according to an old Bulgarian tradition.

The company will carry out regular twice-weekly flights from Milan Bergano to Plovdiv, from now on.

Until now, Ryanair performed flights from Plovdiv Airport to Stansted Airport in London twice a week - on Tuesday and on Saturday. One-way fares start from GBP 32.99 including taxes. The flights provide easy...

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Tourism season in Plovdiv started with festive manifestation

Festive manifestation to the Old town in Plovdiv and the Ancient Theater will be held on May, 12 in case of the official start of tourism season in 2011.

The festival will started with ritual Thracian dances performed by folklore ensemble “Thracia” in front of the Tourism information center in Plovdiv.

Participants can enjoy new exposition in Cultural center “Trakart” - “The Antique window”. Festive program...

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Plovdiv, Bulgaria: not a tip-up truck but a treasure

You can now fly directly to the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv. Jump at the chance, says Robert Nurden.

The sound of an aria from Verdi's Aida filled the sweltering Roman amphitheatre and hung in the hot night air. The audience fanned themselves with their programmes while a new moon edged above a distant mountain range.
As far as romantic settings go it was pretty spectacular. It could have been Verona's outdoor opera season, but rather than Italy, it was Bulgaria: the city of Plovdiv,...

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