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Bulgaria Plovdiv Fair to Launch New TV Channel

The International Plovdiv Fair is going to broadcast its own TV business centered program after the deal to purchase the TV channel "Evrokom Bulgaria" becomes final.

The idea is for the new TV to become a news media with focus on business topics and to also air advertisements with preferential rates for companies, which are exhibitors at the Fair.

The news studios are going to be located in Sofia, according to the Fair's Executive Director Georgi Gergov. Gergov declined to offer any...

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XIV Week of the Modern Art in Plovdiv

The Week of the Modern Art (actually almost a month), traditionally carried out every September in Plovdiv, this year will pay special attention to the architecture and the city space. The theme “Zero Gravitation. Architecture of the Social Space” will gather the works of 17 foreign and Bulgarian authors.

Some of the artists have just presented their ideas at big international forums. Bulgarian artists L. Boyadziev, S. Stoyanov, K. Tonev, K. Terziev and Pr....

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Night of Museums and Galleries

The 26th September night in Plovdiv will be different - the "Night of Museums and Galleries".

May be because it won’t be dark, not at all. First of all, it will start unbelievably early for this time of year – punctually at 7:00 pm. Moreover the spiritual light of knowledge and art will shine all over the city.

Actually not only metaphoric light will spread its rays. The “Roots” light maze will be presented at the Ancient Theater. Its authors are Loran...

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Milan La Scala will be a guest at Plovdiv

La Scala will be a guest at the Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv on 19th September. The tickets for the happening can be bought now on, announced the Mayor of the city Slavcho Atanasov. He personally negotiated the concert of the famous philharmonic orchestra with the Mayor of Milano.

By the municipality announced that the ticket prize range between 10 to 20 leva (5 – 10 EURO). All the earnings, that according to the advance data will be amounting to 27 000 leva, will be donated to the National...

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Virtuoso Guitarist Paul Gilbert with a Concert in Plovdiv

One of the world’s best guitarists – Paul Gilbert - will perform a concert in Plovdiv on October 18.
His visit will be in the context of the Guitar Festival, which will be held in Plovdiv, the SME organizers informed.
The Bulgarian support will be delivered by the guitar trio Vesselin Koychev, Ivan Lechev and Cvetan Nedyalkov.
Paul Gilbert is one of the most famous American guitarists and was named #4 on GuitarOne's "Top Shredders of All Time".
He is best known for his long-year career in...

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Milan’s “La Scala” in Antique Theatre, Plovdiv

The Bulgarian audience will have the chance to enjoy the first-class performance of the legendary lead opera singers of the Milan "La Scala".
120 musicians will perform in Plovdiv's Antique Theatre on September 19. Milan's mayor, mrs. Leticia Moratti, who arranged the special visit, will arrive with the group.

The show will include one and a half hours of world-famous arias and symphony pieces.

The Antique theatre in Plovdiv is one of the most famous monuments from the Antiquity in...

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Setback for transfer of airport area site to Plovdiv fair

The site in the area of the Sofia International Airport that was eyed by the Plovdiv International Fair is classified as green area and any title transfer will first have to be approved by the chief architect of the city, Petar Dikov, it emerged at a government meeting on Thursday.

At the same meeting, the government gave the go-ahead to transfer the site from the assets of the transport ministry to those of the economy ministry.

Dikov could not be reached for comment on Thursday....

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Culinary Competition at Plovdiv International Fair

6 cities from the country will participate in a culinary competition organized at the Plovdiv Fair. The competition is the first of a kind and started yesterday, on May 15 in the 18th Chamber of the fair. Twelve teams from six cities will take part in the competition. On the first stage each team will have 2 hours to prepare unique warm and cold appetizer, main dish and desert. The second round foresees preparing of a meal of various, unknown by the participant products until the last moment.

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Plovdiv Fair Soon to Extend to Sofia and Varna

The first divisions of the International Plovdiv Fair will soon open in Sofia and Varna. Other big municipal centers are expected to follow as well.

The divisions will be built on state owned land plots, which will be deposited in the capital of the International Plovdiv Fair in order to increase the association's assets.

The announcement was made by Petar Dimitrov, Minister of the Economy and the Energy Production at the official opening ceremony of the 28th Spring Fair in Plovdiv....

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Plovdiv International Fair Starts Today

The Bulgarian minister of economy and energy Peter Dimitrov will open the International fair of consumer goods and technologies, today in Plovdiv.

991 companies from 36 countries have registered for participation in the event, 668 of which are Bulgarian.

Most of the foreign companies are from Italy, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Greece and Spain. The new participant countries are Ukraine, Norway, San Marino and Singapore.

After a several years break, the Arts Exhibition “Impression”, which...

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