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Alliance Hotel ****

Address: Plovdiv, 7 Vassil Aprilov Blvd.
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Alliance hotel

Location: Alliance hotel is situated in the centre of Plovdiv, just a three-minutes walk from the Plovdiv Railway Station and a ten-minutes drive from the Plovdiv International Fair. The Old Town of Plovdiv is just at a 15 minutes walking distance from the hotel. Accommodation: The hotel more...

Alliance hotel Conference facilities

The conference hall in Alliance Hotel Plovdiv would certainly be a great choice - most suitable for holding presentations, conferences, practical seminars and all kinds of buiseness events. It has150 seats, arranged multifunctionally. It's possible to be held 'lecture' type events, as well as "round table" and "excercise" events. The conference hall is fully air-conditioned and heated. It is equipped with a multimedia device with a DVD player, satellite TV , audio system and a 180/200 screen; a 2 ISDN-channel video-conference connection system with a high quality of reception. We are also equipped with a multifunctional flip-chart board. We could also offer renting of a great variety of congress equipment. Internet connection and PC-networking is also provided.
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