Today we have 23 hotels & apartments in Plovdiv

The construction of the new terminal at Plovdiv airport starts today

information by the presscentre of the Ministry of Transport

The construction of the new terminal at Plovdiv airport starts today. The Prime minister of Bulgaria, Mr. Sergey Stanishev will announce the start of the construction works.

The new Plovdiv airport terminal is going to be build 250 m away from the current one, on an area of 6,759 square meters. The terminal will boost a modern system for passenger services, valued at BGN 3,6 M. The building will accommodate a large public hall, restaurants, fast food outlets, shops, air-carrier offices, tour-operator offices, rent-a-car, boutiques and more. It will be a large, modern, glass exterior building, equipped with a modern system for personnel service and procession worth 3.6 million leva. As part of the program for the modernization of the airport undertaken by civilian air traffic agency of the Transport Ministry, the existing terminal is to be expanded in size and capacity, which will take place together with the thorough re-construction and re-installation of its electric supply and lighting systems, as well as the installation of a new water-supply network.
Another BGN 19 M are going to be invested in the infrastructure.