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Vinaria International Wine Fair

Plovdiv International Fair

This year the International Wine Fair in Plovdiv: Vinaria will take place during the period 14 - 17 March 2010.

Bulgaria is among the countries with longstanding traditions in winemaking and VINARIA is one of the most representative wine industry events. The exhibition has contributed to the success of many wine producing and trading companies.

VINARIA brings together leading companies from the most important industry sectors relating to vine-growing and wine producing. The event serves as a centre for exchange of information, presentation of innovations and technologies through the numerous conferences, seminars, presentations and business meetings included in the parallel business programme.

VINARIA provides exceptional opportunities for market research and presentation through the direct contacts with customers, competitors and business partners.

Thousands of producers, merchants and connoisseurs of quality wines and spirits from over 30 countries attend VINARIA every year to do business or enjoy the exclusive products. The impressive design of the exhibition stands and expositions create unique atmosphere of festivity.

The most prestigious competition for the evaluation of the Bulgarian wines and spirits is the National Wine and Spirits Tasting organized by the National Vine and Wine Chamber during the Wine Festival within the framework of VINARIA .

At the traditional ball “Wine and Love, Love and Wine”, the best wines are awarded the Golden Rhyton Prize of International Fair Plovdiv, honorary diplomas, “Wine of the Year” diplomas, gold, silver and bronze medals.

Gourmet Zone
For the second time at Vinaria 2010, a Gourmet Zone is organized in partnership with the Gourmet Society. The event is opening up opportunities for presentation of producers and importers of high quality products relating to wine.

Prominent experts will present wines, rakia, wine brandy and other quality spirits exhibited at Vinaria, as well as other fine products to match with, such as meat delicatessen and seafood, cheese and dairy products, chocolate and sweets, cigars, pipe tobacco, cigarettes, related accessories, etc. On display will be beverages, foodstuffs and accessories attractively matched to highlight the product qualities.

Special attention will be devoted to the award-winning wines and spirits at the National Tasting and to tips for pairing wine with the right dishes. Demonstrations of premium products will be conducted by the best chefs and sommeliers in Bulgaria.

Comprehensive information on gourmet culture will be provided for professionals and visitors, connoisseurs of good food and way of life. Presentations will be followed by educational modules on gourmet culture and related industries.

According to the analysis of the Gourmet Society, there is a need for broader presentation of high-quality brand products among connoisseurs as a result of the increasing demand for such products. These prerequisites create opportunities for a fast growing business relating to the promotion of gourmet culture and lifestyle.

The Gourmet Zone is also expected to be very useful for the majority of the wineries that participate in VINARIA. Those offering wine tourism packages could exchange ideas on the menu and reception of their guests, others, seeking new clients, could be encouraged to enter into this business.

Participants in the Gourmet Zone are producers and distributors dealing with:

- Foods and condiments;
- Beverages and tobacco products;
- Services and accessories;
- Professional periodicals;
- Industry associations and organizations;