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Short Tour To Plovdiv

Walking tour trough the Old Town of Plovdiv Arquitecture Reserve /it covers the Three-hill area, which is the originally location of the town/, During the tour you can see: St Constantine and Helena Church, The Roman Theatre, The Roman Stadium, residences of Bulgarian merchants built in typical Revival style. In the price is included entrance fee for: 2 sites - we can make different combinations depending on the clients interests /we select between Ethnografic Museum, Hyndlian House, Gellery of Zlatyo Boyadjiev, Roman Theatre or Balabanova House/.

Plovdiv is one of the oldest towns not just in Bulgaria, but also in whole Europe. This is the second largest city in Bulgaria, after Sofia. It is situated in the western part of the Gorno Thracian lowland, on the two banks of the biggest river in Bulgaria - Maritsa and on top of six unique syenite hills- “tepeta”.

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Transport Sofia – Plovdiv - Sofia by car for 2 passengers or a comfortable van for 7. Guide in English.
walking, religious, historical, cultural and nature sightseeing;
8 hours
115 Euro for 2 persons;

140 Euro for 3–7 persons;
Plovdiv city