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Todoroff Wine & Spa  **** 

The guest reviews are submitted by our customers after their stay at Todoroff Wine & Spa

General Rating 4.2 4.2/5 Average from 5 Reviews
Hotel Staff 4.0/5
Services / Facilities 4.6 4.6/5
Location 3.6 3.6/5
Value for Money 4.4 4.4/5
Comments on Todoroff Wine & Spa

Милен Милев from БГ, sent on 31 August 2009 4.5


The staff in the restaurant was not so kind. We ordered 3 orange juices for breakfast and they told us that it is so much juice and wanted that we pay the additional juices. It is not acceptable for this Todoroff resort.

However the rest of the Hotel staff was very polite.


Stuart Peters , sent on 22 July 2009 4.2

The Todoroff Wine and Spa Hotel is very good and I have already recommended it to others. Their service was friendly and the facilities excellent. Although not all of their staff spoke English, enough did and they managed to inerpret my appalling Bulgarian.